Hi beautiful being, I’m Ruby Mountain, a venusian starseed and recording artist who practices energetic hygiene to stay healthy, balanced, and guided while I produce music and Ascension streetwear for the high-vibe culture at Femmifesting.

I offer Daughter Of The Rose Healing services because energetic hygiene has assisted me in my growth, helping me to connect deeper to my intuition and ancestors, accomplish my goals and walk my authentic timeline. I’m excited to share these modalities with people interested in connecting and caring for their energetic bodies in order to create an intuitive high-vibrational lifestyle.

Some benefits I’ve had from these modalities include releasing grief from both present and ancestral trauma, releasing patterns and programming that do not serve the collective and my highest good; establishing healthy boundaries; experiencing past and future lives; and connecting with my highest self and higher realms for guidance.

Teachers and Certifications

Rose Harmonization Ceremony - Brenda Salgado trained me in this modality. This wisdom and traditional medicine was passed down to her from Grandmother Amalia (Xochimilco, Mexico).

A.U.R.A Hypnosis and R.A.A.H. practitioner - Trained and certified by Rising Phoenix Aurora

New Earth wisdom carrier - My first teacher was my Mother. At a young age she acknowledged my ability to feel other's energy and passed down my heritage teachings of what this means. She showed me how to lovingly and authentically move through life with this gift while contributing to the collective's good.

Photos by Dan Soley